Thursday, 4 October 2007

Talk Talk - Hammersmith Odeon (08.05.86)

You rarely (read never) find a link to download Talk Talk bootlegs, so hopefully this one will generate some interest. Recorded on 8 May 1986 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, this disc is also known as Talking Colours. This is the original broadcast version. There is another version in circulation which has Tomorrow Started and Renee tagged on to the end, however these tracks are actually from a gig on 11 July 1986 at the same venue. This offering is a cracking set, showcasing the band's excellent instrumentation.
Note that this set differs from the deleted London 1986 release on Pondlife. If you have a copy to sell or exchange, please get in touch.

01. Talk Talk (3:37)
02. Dum Dum Girl (3:59)
03. Life's What You Make It (4:41)
04. Mirror Man - Does Caroline Know? (9:03)
05. Chameleon Day (1:25)
06. Living In Another World (6:26)
07. It's You (4:21)
08. It's My Life (8:21)
09. I Don't Believe In You (5:24)
10. Such A Shame (9:15)

Personnel: Mark Hollis - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Paul Webb - Bass Guitar, Lee Harris - Drums

Recommended listening - all 5 studio albums (yes, really) and disc 2 of Asides Besides.
Recommended viewing - bonus dvd from Natural History (Sight & Sound version), available for £6.99 at;-1;-1;-1&sku=621367



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! The only bummer is that this was probably one of their last shows.

Little Axe said...

Thanks for this recording. One of the best groups of the 80's. Mark Hollis, where are you ?

sunbathinglizard said...

wow - thanks a lot! i never even heard of a talk talk bootleg...
so i am really impressed.
then - i got a digital copy of "london live 1986" that i got from the net. if you would like me to put it up just drop me a line over at my blog:
cheers, sunbathinglizard

Anonymous said...

hey mate!!! I have all the Talk, Talk albums except the one u mentioned the asides and besides. Could u possibly upload the besides disc for me? If u do i will wet my pants because i am their biggest fan!! contact me at CHEERS!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.Brings back some great memories

Anonymous said...

Thanks man. Talk Talk is way underappreciated imo.

Jinkz said...

I also have a copy of the Pondlife boot, London 1986, ripped at 160kbps. Not the best but it's good enough. I also have a copy of that Talking Colours you upped. Quality post mate and a nice blog. We're from the same part of the world by the way :-) Check out my blog,

If you don't mind I'll link to you, fair enough?

athlete said...

jinkz - Israel, just south east of Glasgow! Feel free to link to the blog. You can use any working links as well. Soon I might get time to post an update. There are a few gems on your blog. I'll snag them once I sort out rapidshare. Cheers.

Jinkz said...

Haha...I only live in Israel mate, originally from that small town with the Pencil and lots of ice cream and amusement arcades :-)))

Cheers for allowing me to post your links, will do that with a few, likewise if there's anything on my site you wanna use, feel free. If Rapidshare is a prob, lemme know and I'll try upping them somewhere else. Cheers bud!

Anonymous said...

just listened to this in the car. Actually twice. It's incredible. Thank you so much

thom said...

Thank you very, very much. This is a GREAT recording. Sadly Mark Hollis is no longer on the scene.

Anonymous said...

Great bootleg from one of the best bands of the 80's

Thanks for posting it :)

dj d said...

OMG ! This is fabulous. I didn't even know this existed. You've made my day !

I'm DJ D from Retro Remixes. You can check out my blog at

Thanks !

J Frank Parnell said...

Hollis made a solo album about five or six years ago. It was magnificent. I'm a tad luddite on the hardware, so I can't share, but it's obtainable anyway. Good luck.

Nemo said...

Hello everyone.
I am a new visitor. I wonder what's the password for the archive of Talking Colours.
Thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

fantastic, my brother had a copy of this on audio tape(remember them?) back in the day. lent it out in the 90's and never saw it again. Thought i'd never hear 'its my life' the same a again. once i'd downloaded it I stuck the album on my sons ipod and after a few days he told me it was 'Awesome'(bless him, he's only 18)thanks uploader, gave me a bit more 'street cred' with my son.

jonathan said...

is there anyway to have this album re-up'ed? i am a huge fan and have been trying to track this down. thanks!

blacknasariu said...

Yeah, yeah... by the way, does anyone have the password?

athlete said...

Rapidshare link still active (possibly the others too). No password required. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I have around 30 Talk Talk bootlegs from 82, 84 and 86. And many more items a big collection. I am from France and very proud to be one of their biggest fan in the world.

PETER said...

great show
i put them on in 86 in cambridge
top band great chaps.
only megaupload works now.

PETER said...

great show
i put them on in 86 in cambridge
top band great chaps.
only megaupload works now.

Michael Evans said...

I was at this gig. Thank you.